International agents play a vital role in the growth and development of all our courses and programmes. We are proud to be working with some of the best educational consultants in this field. Some of them have been with us for 20 years. We always welcome new partners wishing to join us.


Student satisfaction is the ultimate aim of all agents and providers. The driving force behind achieving this aim is mutual trust, reliability and absolute transparency in all transactions. This cannot be achieved without the agents and the providers alike staying true to their word and delivering what they promise. As agents of Mercator ELT, you can be confident that your students will be fully informed about all aspects of their programme before they arrive and that we deliver all that we promise.


All students will receive a detailed profile of their host families telling them about the family members, their homes and location and their interests and hobbies. The profiles of the home tutors will also give details of their educational qualifications and teaching experience.


Detailed travel arrangements will be communicated to all parties. You can reassure your students that their host family will meet them on arrival at the destination and take them back for departure.


Students on group courses will receive their detailed daily programme before travel. Centre supervisors will meet them at the teaching centres every day.   We visit individual students at least once during the stay and contact them by phone several times. Agents are invited to get feedback from the students and share that information with us which will help us review and improve our service.


All students are given a 24-hour contact telephone number for emergencies.


Please call, email or complete our Agent Enquiry Form.  We would be happy to send you our agents’ information and guidelines.

What our Agents Say

We have trusted Mercator for more than 20 years making our collaboration a special one and one of the longest! Our collaboration has built over the years through the organisation of short stays and long stays, for groups and individuals. The hundreds of students that we have sent to Cornwall and Devon have always been accommodated by warm host families. We are very keen on working with Mercator and appreciate their professionalism and loyalty and look forward to many more years of happy collaboration!

Delphine Valet SILC, Agent from France

Although for many years I recommended a study vacation in the UK to students to improve their English, I could never recommend any organising association because I was never happy with their standards of teaching or the accommodation they offered. In particularly this last feature. I am of the opinion that a family who is interested in helping the students to better their English is almost as important as the good standard of teaching in classes. Then I met Mercator Schools who not only combine good teaching methods with excellent teachers but also caring families who are interested in the young people who come to stay with them and interested in helping them improve their English. All of the Italian students that I know who have taken a course of English with Mercator Schools have greatly improved their English which has made it much easier to pass university exams and get better jobs.

Pat Parma Agent from Italy