In our Club-4 programme, 4 students aged 12-17 work with a teacher all day.  The small group environment means every student gets plenty of opportunity for communication and exposure to language.  The language course is designed around a number of topics such as travel, tourism, education, history, art and environmental issues depending on the students’ ages and levels.  During the morning’s lessons, the students learn about each topic and prepare a small research project for finding out more about it in the local community.  The projects can be interviews, taking photographs, recording observations, gathering information from various sources such as the town library, museums, galleries, shops, cafes, travel agencies, train and bus stations.  The aim is to enable the students to use English in real situations with as many native speakers as possible.

This programme is offered at our St Austell and Newquay centres in Cornwall.


  • English courses of 1-2 weeks in small groups of 4
  • Topic-based lessons in the mornings followed by related project work in the afternoons out in the community
  • Assessment of language skills
  • Course reports and Certificates
  • Cultural visits, full and half-day excursions
  • One afternoon of sports per week
  • Full-board accommodation in host families – one student from every language background

Price: Please contact us for availability and price.

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