GOOD NEWS!! 2021 has seen the gradual return of individual students to English Language Schools. Our School groups have also started to book for 2022. WE ARE OPEN!!!

We have years of experience in running successful and popular English language courses and programmes for all ages and levels. But perhaps the most important reason why you should book with us is that we are in close contact with you all, as students or group leaders, from the time you apply to the time you complete your course. This allows us to get to know you and to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. We aim to maximise your opportunities to be immersed in English language and culture. One-to-One Home Tuition and Total Immersion Language Plus are designed around individuals and Club-4 is designed around very small groups. Even in the Junior Vacation Programmes, which are designed for large groups, the students are given special tasks to get them to talk to the host families in the evenings.

We have a community of friendly and welcoming host families who will take good care of you. In addition to that you will have the reassurance of a 24-hour emergency number for our duty staff who are ready and happy to help. Your welfare and safety matters to us.

Prices include course fees, full-board accommodation and leisure activities. There are no extra costs after you have booked a course. We explain clearly and precisely what is included in the price.

We help you find the cheapest and the most convenient way to travel within the UK. Your host family will meet you on arrival at the nearest train or coach station and take you back for departure. We do offer a special escort service for airport transfers which is helpful for juniors travelling alone. The charges for this service are detailed on our general price list. A courier service for all group transfers is included in the course price.

Although for many years I recommended a study vacation in the UK to students to improve their English, I could never recommend any organising association because I was never happy with their standards of teaching or the accommodation they offered. In particularly this last feature. I am of the opinion that a family who is interested in helping the students to better their English is almost as important as the good standard of teaching in classes. Then I met Mercator Schools who not only combine good teaching methods with excellent teachers but also caring families who are interested in the young people who come to stay with them and interested in helping them improve their English. All of the Italian students that I know who have taken a course of English with Mercator Schools have greatly improved their English which has made it much easier to pass university exams and get better jobs.

Pat Parma Agent from Italy