Vacation Courses for Young Learners

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Vacation Courses for Young Learners - Club-4

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Courses for School Groups


We offer 3 types of group course for juniors aged 12-17. They all include an English course in the mornings for 15 hours per week and a leisure programme of sports, cultural visits and full-day excursions in the afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Vacation courses for young learners are international and run in the summer school holidays. They are based on class sizes of 15-17. Groups of various sizes are booked by agents and group leaders on different dates by agreement.   However, it is possible for individual students to apply to join these courses on those dates.

Club-4 is similar in some way to the junior vacation course except that it is available outside of the summer months too and is based on class size of 4 maximum. Cub-4 students have a much greater opportunity for individual participation compared with the ones in larger classes.

Courses for school groups are booked by specific schools on fixed dates by agreement. These are closed groups only. The teachers are asked to put the students into ability groups prior to arrival. Being short courses of 3-4 days, there is a greater emphasis on aspect of British life and culture and confidence building activities.