GOOD NEWS!! 2021 has seen the gradual return of individual students to English Language Schools. Our School groups have also started to book for 2022. WE ARE OPEN!!!

These are group courses – individual students can join
Price: £593.00 per week

Group prices for home-stay and residential courses are available on request.

A typical weekly programme:

  • Full-board accommodation: breakfast, lunch and evening meal
  • Bus passes for local daily travel
  • 15  one hour  lessons from 9.00-12.30 weekdays
  • Average class sizes of 15-17
  • Teaching at 3 levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate/Upper Intermediate
  • 2 afternoons of sports and recreational activities
  • 2 afternoons of cultural visits
  • 1 half-day excursion
  • 1 full-day excursion (usually Saturdays)
  • 1 evening activity – disco; ten-pin bowling; karaoke; fancy-dress party

Our vacation courses are designed for young learners aged 11-18. They combine English language learning with a full leisure programme in school holidays.

Students are assessed on arrival and placed in mixed nationality classes according to their level.  Teachers know how to help individuals in each class improve their skills within their own levels.   They work on all areas of language, but the main aim is to improve the students’ speaking and listening skills.

Daily lessons start with a range of stimulating activities. They then move on to work with a structured syllabus at each level, focusing on grammar, vocabulary and texts covering reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The last part of the morning’s work covers various aspects of life and culture in the UK. We believe that travelling to the UK for language learning is a valuable opportunity for this. Students are also given homework tasks to do with their host families to encourage interaction with them.

Teachers use a variety of professionally produced resources. They build plenty of repetition into their daily work and regularly assess the learners’ progress and response to the course. They produce a short test at the end of the course to assess the students’ level formally in terms of the Common European Framework.


Accommodation can be with host families or in residential centres. For more information visit the Accommodation page.

Educational Facilities

We have 2 centres for our Vacation Programmes for Young Learners; Plymouth and Cornwall. The Plymouth Centre is based at Plymouth City College.   The Cornwall Centre is based at Cornwall College, St Austell and Cornwall College, Newquay. All three colleges offer first class educational facilities including the latest educational technology. Our students and staff have access to the internet, cafeteria and outdoor areas.   This can vary with each college and at any one time.

Sports Facilities

Our students have access to excellent sports facilities: Plymouth Life Centre, St Austell Leisure Centre, Newquay Sports Centre and Newquay Water World. The facilities include:

  • Well-equipped sports halls, squash courts, tennis, badminton, basketball, table tennis and martial arts.
  • State of the art indoor swimming pools
  • Large playing fields for cricket, rugby and football
  • Surfing is available in Newquay and Plymouth at well-equipped schools with qualified instructors.

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Although for many years I recommended a study vacation in the UK to students to improve their English, I could never recommend any organising association because I was never happy with their standards of teaching or the accommodation they offered. In particularly this last feature. I am of the opinion that a family who is interested in helping the students to better their English is almost as important as the good standard of teaching in classes. Then I met Mercator Schools who not only combine good teaching methods with excellent teachers but also caring families who are interested in the young people who come to stay with them and interested in helping them improve their English. All of the Italian students that I know who have taken a course of English with Mercator Schools have greatly improved their English which has made it much easier to pass university exams and get better jobs.

Pat Parma Agent from Italy