GOOD NEWS!! 2021 has seen the gradual return of individual students to English Language Schools. Our School groups have also started to book for 2022. WE ARE OPEN!!!

Improve your English by living in your teacher’s home and learning 1 to 1 with our Home Tuition programme.

Our tutors are experienced, welcoming and have access to quality resources for all levels and needs. You can study General English, Business English and Examination Preparation, and you can combine your English course with activities and sports.

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English Home Tuition



I have just learnt your language for 36 hours with teacher lessons and living during seventeen days with a family in your country, and I’m sure I have learnt more than in five years in my country. At the end of my stay in Cornwall I was dreaming, thinking and talking to myself in English.

Nuria Estape Business student from Spain

“One-to-One is good because I can speak more and learn lots of new words and idioms. It is good because I live in an English family. My teachers in France speak very slowly. My teacher here speaks fast but I can understand her after one week. I am speaking to English people more easily now.”

Tatiana Caron Student aged 15 from France