Due to the current Pandemic of Coronavirus our office has been closed since March 23rd 2020 until further notice. We are happy to reply to all email enquires as soon as possible. Do find out about our online courses in the meantime by emailing us.

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Do not worry about spelling or making mistakes; it is not a test but a useful way of finding out how we can best help you progress.

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Booking and cancellation Policy:

Non-refundable booking fee                £150

30 days before the start of course         100%

15-29 days before the start of course      85%

7-14 days before the start of course       70%

1-6 days before the start of course         50%

No refund after the start of course


  • Full course fees are payable 4 weeks in advance (please see separate sheet for bank details and methods of payment).
  • We recommend that you insure yourself against loss, damage and personal injury prior to travelling. All medical costs not covered by mutual agreements between the UK and other countries are the responsibility of individual students.