east sussexThe County of East Sussex is within one to two hours of train travel from Victoria Station in London and Gatwick Airport. It covers a large area on the South-East coast of England and includes famous seaside resorts of Brighton and Hove, Bournemouth, Hastings, Eastbourne, Bexhill- on- Sea and Burgess Hill.

The idea of seaside holidays was born in this county in the 1750’s. Towns such as Brighton have been fashionable for seaside holidays since Regency times. It was the home of Prince of Wales, the future King George IV. His exotic folly, the Royal Pavilion is a must-see: an Arabian Nights’ dream on the outside and on the inside it is an oriental fantasy of palm trees, pagodas and gilded dragons.

Many English kings chose to build their castles in the county of East Sussex. This was partly because of the natural beauty of its landscape. It was also because it offered important strategic defensive positions against foreign invaders. Therefore there are numerous historical sites in this county wherever you go.

The sea fronts in this county are lined with cool cafes and bars, beach volleyball courts, artists’ studios and fresh fish stalls. The towns offer superb restaurants and food stalls from all corners of the world, first class national theatres, cinemas, pubs – in short a buzzing night life and days out.

Our centre in East Sussex is in Bexhill-on-Sea which nestles between the famous resort towns of Hastings and Eastbourne. The town of Battle which has been built around the Abbey of St Martin – the site of the famous Battle of Hastings – is just north of Bexhill. This was where William the Conqueror defeated King Harold II in 1066.

Travel to this county is very easy for international visitors. There are many direct train and coach services from Gatwick Airport and Victoria Station in London. Mercator offers an escort service from Gatwick and Heathrow Airports for junior students travelling alone and anyone who might prefer it.

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