GOOD NEWS!! 2021 has seen the gradual return of individual students to English Language Schools. Our School groups have also started to book for 2022. WE ARE OPEN!!!

plymouthPlymouth is the largest city in the south west of the UK. Plymouth is in the county of Devon and has its own unique features. It is a major cultural centre serving both Devon and Cornwall. The historic port of Plymouth, from which many landmark voyages such as that of the Mayflower have taken place, is a thriving and vibrant cosmopolitan centre. It offers many opportunities to foreign visitors – sport and leisure as well as cultural visits, theatres, art galleries, wining and dining and attractive shopping arcades. It has its own university and colleges of higher education. It is home to one of the major naval dockyards in Britain. It is packed with relics of Britain’s ancient history as well as aspects of her modern economic and commercial growth. The old and modern Plymouth live side-by-side, providing enjoyment for all ages.

It is very easy to travel to Plymouth. There are many direct train services from London Paddington Station and National Coach Services from Victoria Coach Station in London. There are two international airports within easy reach: Bristol and Exeter. Brittany Ferries operate regular crossing from Roscoff in France and Santander in Spain.

Plymouth is an ideal location for our large group programmes such as the Junior Summer School. It has a large population which means we can recruit plenty of good quality host families. There are many cultural attractions which means we can have a rich and varied leisure programme. We can provide excursions in Cornwall as well as Devon. The city is served by a large network of buses which make daily travel within the city very easy for our students.

Courses and programmes available in Plymouth

Although for many years I recommended a study vacation in the UK to students to improve their English, I could never recommend any organising association because I was never happy with their standards of teaching or the accommodation they offered. In particularly this last feature. I am of the opinion that a family who is interested in helping the students to better their English is almost as important as the good standard of teaching in classes. Then I met Mercator Schools who not only combine good teaching methods with excellent teachers but also caring families who are interested in the young people who come to stay with them and interested in helping them improve their English. All of the Italian students that I know who have taken a course of English with Mercator Schools have greatly improved their English which has made it much easier to pass university exams and get better jobs.

Pat Parma Agent from Italy